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nguoitieudung - The real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant field, especially apartment projects. Therefore, condominium operation management services are always in great demand, many building management and operation companies are established, but to compete is not simple.
Large market

According to the Department of Construction of Ho Chi Minh City, the city now has 1,440 apartments with 141,062 apartments (2 times higher than in 2009 and 5 times higher than in 1975), with a total floor area of ​​10,645,970m2, Average volume of apartment is 75m2 / floor / household. The proportion of apartments accounted for 8.4% of the total number of houses across the city.

Of the 1,440 apartments, 474 old apartments were built before 1975 and some apartments were built after 1975 to 2005, most had no management board (BQT) and operated under the self-management model. In addition, 212 apartments still have no Management Board due to various reasons.

That is not to mention that there are now more than 100 projects in the construction process, in the coming years, they will be handed over to customers and put into operation. These figures show that the demand for management service of apartment building operation is extremely large.

Currently, the type of condominium operation management is being applied mainly based on forms such as: Self-management investors; the investor hires or establish a management enterprise; representatives of households either manage or hire enterprises to manage.

A large market has made service management companies operate apartment buildings in recent years. According to the data of Housing and Real Estate Market Administration - Ministry of Construction, there are 16 units in the country qualified for training and retraining in condominium operation management. . Over the years, hundreds of employees have been trained for building operation management companies.

By July 2019, the whole country had more than 200 companies eligible for apartment building management and operation. In which 2 big cities are Hanoi with 88 companies, HCMC 35 companies.

Apartment management requires a lot of difficulties
Numerous difficulties
To manage and operate apartment buildings is not a simple job. In addition to the overlapping, unreasonable law, or in other words, the gap, the competition with foreign rivals such as CBRE, Savills ... is also a difficult problem.

According to Tran Duc Phuong lawyer, Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, the laws of many countries around the world have clear provisions on management and use of apartment buildings. For example, Thailand has a 1979 Apartment Law, amended in 2008; New Zealand has Condominium Law 2010; Singapore has a Building Maintenance and Management Law; even the Australian state of Queensland has enacted a law specifically regulating this.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the provisions on management and use of apartment buildings are specified in some articles of the Housing Law 2014, Decree 99/2015 / ND-CP and the Ministry of Construction's Circular. This is an issue that Vietnam needs to consider in order to research and issue a separate law on the management and operation of multi-ownership real estate to unify and standardize.

Ms. Vu Ngoc Huong, General Director of Sao Kim Venus Investment and Services Joint Stock Company assessed that currently the legal facility management and operation service is in the process of completion, human resources have not been trained yet. In particular, it is only in the form (vocational training), in addition, service standards have not been established.

Meanwhile, managing the apartment buildings seems to be just simple tasks such as receptionist, security, sanitation, garbage collection, insect treatment, tending trees ... But increasingly drill down to see this is a challenging field. In particular, in a market where people are just starting to get used to living in apartment buildings with high living standards and accepting management fees as in Vietnam, the more complex problems are likely to arise. in the management process.

With just a small annoyance from residents such as broken elevators, unclean building sanitation or clogged water pipes but not promptly supported by technical staff, it is also very easy to become a 'fire spot'. outbreaks of other disputes followed "- Ms. Vu Ngoc Huong shared.

The lack of professional knowledge of management, as well as the lack of preparation of operational management tools is one of the causes of the dispute in apartment buildings, office buildings. It takes place very often, from disputes of common ownership - separately to management fees, associated services such as landscape greenery, garbage collection, protection ...

In particular, there are projects that are neglected in the management process, leading to loss of control, unsanitary equipment, degraded equipment, theft and poor quality utilities. As a matter of fact, the value of the real estate of the building will be significantly reduced as well as the residents in the buildings are disadvantaged, the value of the living - working - living environment is seriously degraded...