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Living in apartment buildings, if not aware, to fall, even tossing objects from above, is extremely dangerous for people below.
Một cụ ông bị chảy máu đầu do ổ khóa rơi từ tầng cao chung cư CT8C, Khu đô thị Đại Thanh (Thanh Trì, Hà Nội)
Danger waits

In the apartment complex (CC) Gia Phu (P. Binh Hung Hoa, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City), the situation of objects falling from the high floor to the ground often happens, making residents here always worried. Europe. A household living on the ground floor of CC Gia Phu pressing: “A lot of things toss down! Sometimes personal belongings, sometimes flower pots, even a few times kids immediately threw the phone down, fortunately no one was hit. The canvas of my house has many holes because of falling objects from above. ”

According to the resident, the accident of dropping objects from a high floor in CC to the ground is caused by many reasons, including the couple arguing ... throwing things flying through the door, or children throwing toys over the balcony. 
The hanging objects and ornamental plants in the balcony of the apartment are potentially dangerous for people below - Photo: Tran Cuong
Representative of the Management Board (MB) of Gia Phu CC confirmed that this situation happened in this CC. There are cases of argument and throwing things to the ground; there are cases where children play games leading to anger and throwing things out the window. Previously, there was a case of people in high-rise apartments throwing a cellphone and an iPad to the ground, fortunately no one hit.

Lots of things toss down! Sometimes personal belongings, sometimes flower pots, even a few times kids immediately threw the phone down, fortunately no one was hit. My canvas sheet has many holes due to falling objects - A resident of Gia Phu apartment (P. Binh Hung Hoa, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City)

"The Management Board regularly reminds residents, especially the planting of overhead flower pots to ensure safety to avoid unfortunate accidents," said Gia Phu CC Management Board representative.
Mr. Tran Quoc Nguyen Vu, Head of CC Carilon Apartment Management Board (Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City), said that this situation sometimes happens here. He said: “Some items dropped from a high floor are usually children's toys, milk cartons and personal items. The Management Board has a surveillance camera installed and also works with residents on the above issues, if detected it will make a reminder. As for sanctions, the Management Board will meet and provide specific sanctions based on the consent of the residents ”.

Noon 30.8, PV Thanh Nien noted in CC Conic Garden (Phong Phu Commune, H. Binh Chanh, Ho Chi Minh City) saw many apartments planted with ornamental plants on the railing. The wind blows, many pots of trees are waiting to fall down at any time.
At CC Zen Tower (Thoi Thoi Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City), there has been a fall in a glass window from above, causing many residents to wander. Specifically, about 15 hours on April 1, 2019, after a strong wind, a series of 3-meter-long glass windows installed on the first floor of CC suddenly fell to the ground. The glass shattered and splashed, crushing a motorcycle built below. According to residents of CC Zen Tower, a series of glass doors suddenly fell, luckily there were no people around.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyen, Head of Zen Tower CC Management Board, said: “When it is discovered that residents living on the high floors hang ornamental pots or items that may be dangerous for people downstairs, the CC Management Board will first remind and request immediate removal. In case residents do not comply, the Management Board will have sanctions to handle.
Cutting boards, hammers, buckets ... fly

On the morning of August 28, a mop fell from the 17th floor of CC New Horizon City (Hanoi) hit the head of a 16-month-old boy walking with her below. Fortunately, the baby was only injured, but the event caused confusion for many residents in CC.

Previously (on April 27), while playing with a child in the courtyard of CC CT8C court, Dai Thanh Urban Area (Thanh Tri, Hanoi), suddenly an iron rod longer than 2 m, falling from above, hit 2 grandchildren, injuring both of them. Then, on 2.7, while watching the CC's nephew, an old man was also hit by the lock on the head, making him injured and hospitalized for emergency care. Consecutive hazards falling from the sky made residents here not from bewildered, pressing.

At CC Linh Dam complex (P.Hoang Liet, Q. Hoang Mai, Hanoi), many apartments have not been installed with doors and balcony screens. Mr. Nguyen Van Doan (30 years old, living in HH2A building, CC Linh Dam) said: “Cans of beer, mugs, cutting boards, hammers, buckets… and household waste are often thrown from the high floor, causing people to Very urgent. It often falls, so I always have to nestle under the roof of the first floor when moving, or go far away to avoid a disaster. ”
One CC Linh Dam manager said that the building management board has identified two cases, one time a 9-year-old child stayed home alone and broke a ceramic cup. Afraid of his parents scolding him, he threw a broken cup from the 14th floor of HH3A building downwards and injured a woman walking down. The second case was a child about 15 years old, living on the 34th floor throwing garbage bags (bottles, jars, food containers ...) down. There are also cases of unintentional people - leaving things on the balcony and being swept away by the wind; or small children throw things; There are cases where the couple quarreled, used a cutting board to throw at each other, and then fell to the bottom ... With residents, many households have also proposed installing cameras outside the building, to detect cases of throwing things into the yard.

At CC VP4 (Hanoi), many hot air conditioners hang from above, which are unpredictable hazards for people below. Some residents here think that installing the heater without shielding, ensuring such safety is very dangerous for everyone.
Major Bui Ngoc Diep, Deputy Chief of Police P. Hoang Liet (Q. Hoang Mai, Hanoi), said that since the CC buildings were built, the population of P. Hoang Liet increased dramatically. The ward currently has 21,218 households with 77,127 people, more than many suburban districts. In 12 buildings alone (9,240 apartments) in HHTP, there are 8,217 households with 28,679 people, making management difficult, including the sense of living of people at high levels. Mr. Diep said that he had received some information that reflected on the falling objects from above.

“The unit has proposed the building management board to install CCTV at the corners of the building, the point of view of security and order and tightly manage the falling objects as well as fire to warn. However, the building management still had to report and wait for direction from above. In order for the incident to occur, the building management board has to take responsibility, but it is difficult for the root of the problem to be the people's consciousness, ”said Major Diep.
Coal management board lacks sanctions

On August 30, PV Youth surveyed at CC Hoang Anh Gia Lai (32 floors high), in the center of Da Nang City, noted that the Management Board of this building used a fence to park the park on the 4th floor.

Explaining the barrier of this park, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, representative of the building management board, said many unconscious people often litter indiscriminately from the high floor to the park area. Including heavy objects that are dangerous to people, the Management Board is forced to barrier to prevent people from going to this area. Mr. Thang said that not long ago, people living from the high floor of this building dropped a coconut shell into the park area. The incident scared many people, so after this case, they were forced to fence up the area again, hanging signs ...
Facing this situation, the building management board installed a surveillance camera and discovered two cases of people throwing rubbish from above to the 4th floor park. The Management Board quickly identified the households that littered and came to the record but just stop there because there are no penalties. A staff member of the Management Board also said that not only the 4th floor park area was thrown rubbish but the surrounding areas, even some people even threw burning cigarette butts down.

“We have also posted warning signs, reminding people often but most importantly still being aware, because the littering and items from above still occur. We have also repeatedly asked building management to install surrounding nets to prevent trash that could be dangerous. However, the building management has not agreed yet because of concerns about landscape impact and wrong design ... ”, Mr. Thang added.

Noting a number of other CCs in the Vung Thung area (Q.Son Tra), many residents live on the ground floor, or people often go underneath the pressing because of being thrown garbage, plastic bottles, beer cans ... from the top floor. An official from the Department of Construction of Da Nang City said that regarding the responsibilities of these cases, it is necessary to "research" more because there are no specific regulations.