25/06/2019 00:06|INDUSTRY NEWS

cafebiz - According to statistics from 40 localities to the end of March 2019, the whole country had up to 458 disputes, complaints related to the management and operation, accounting for about 10.3% of the total number of apartment buildings.

That is the information given at the seminar "Operating multi-ownership real estate: Finding a voice to agree" by the Investment Newspaper in cooperation with Venus Company in the morning of June 25 in Ho Chi Minh City.

By the end of 2018, there were about 4,400 apartment buildings across the country and hundreds of urban and low-rise housing projects. In particular, the two largest cities of Ho Chi Minh City have about 1,440 apartments; Hanoi City has about 1,100 apartments with millions of people living.

Disputes over complaints and petitions occur more and more in apartments across the country. In Hanoi, there are 129 apartments with disputes and complaints; Ho Chi Minh City also has 105 condominiums which are in dispute at different levels; including 9 apartments with very tough and complicated disputes.

The cause of the situation mainly comes from incomplete legal provisions on the time of payment of maintenance funds, regulations on transfer of house purchase contracts, regulations on violations, sanctions which have not been timely, There are no detailed regulations on funding for management, use, maintenance of common ownership and community room ... this has a negative impact on the real estate market in general, factors involved in operation management. apartment in particular.

At the seminar, many opinions analyzed the shortcomings in the management and operation of apartment and urban projects and recommendations for solutions.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, General Director of Dai Phuc Land, at present, CĐT sells products, they are interested in two factors: committed quality (starting factor) and maintenance of service quality (weak). more important factor after that). Especially, in the form of high-class real estate, customers pay special attention to the quality of post-delivery management services. Many investors have to compensate for losses at the beginning when the residents have not filled (maybe up to 3-5 years), even sent people to join the Management Board to choose the right partner with the target. Standard customer commitment.

“I think that everyone in the apartment will realize that everyone wants quality housing, the service provided as expected, but time to join the board of directors or to supervise that activity. Not many residents are willing. I think there should be clear regulations on the role and responsibilities of partners involved in the condominium development operation to maintain the quality of service after handing over the house”Ms. Huong emphasized.

Ms. Vu Ngoc Huong, general director of Venus Company, said that the apartment model usually maintained stable operation for the first three years, and in the following years, disputes often occurred.

The cause of the dispute comes in part from the lack of legal provisions, from the investor, the customer does not consider the terms of the contract, management expertise, management role of the locality....

The common disagreements are the slow organization of the apartment building meeting, the unification of the management unit, the slowing out of the pink book, or the information that residents receive does not match the information of the investor. should lead to a dispute.

According to Ms. Huong, up to this point, the legal aspect has been relatively adequate, but there are still many shortcomings in practice. Currently, besides the advantages such as easy market, management and support from the government, the difficulties in managing and operating are as much as: this is a new industry, the human resource has not been specially trained. , the service standards are not clear, the market for providing services is very primitive, the operation mechanism is not smooth, people's awareness is not positive, legal loophole ...

In order to operate the apartment better, in my opinion, the first thing to do is to improve the legal corridor, promote communication and legal support. Because when customers lack information, they will wonder and do it incorrectly ... ",Ms. Huong suggested.
In addition, for the management of condominium operation, Ms. Huong said that it must be considered a deeply humane industry, the participants must understand this spirit to bring values ​​to community.

"The lack of professional knowledge of management, as well as the lack of preparation of operational management tools, is one of the causes of the dispute in apartment buildings, office buildings ... taking place very popular, from disputes of common ownership - separately to management fees, utility services such as landscape greenery, garbage collection, protection ... ", Ms. Huong emphasized.

Sharing the same view, Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc, General Director of Phu Dong Group said that the current disputes in apartment buildings mainly focus on 5 factors: Investment owner, management board, management board and residents. state management. The core issue here is that these factors must understand the law, harmonize interests between the parties and do the right thing, standardize their roles and responsibilities. In particular, with state management agencies, it is necessary to have "strong hands" sanctions to limit the disputes taking place between related subjects in the current story of apartment building operation.