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baodatu - Building model houses with 3D technology, applying smart apartment management technology and project operation management, building online real estate trading floors are what real estate businesses are trying. implemented to increase sales efficiency in the 4.0 period.

Sell ​​houses in the 4.0 period

Talking with the reporter of the Vietnam Investment Review, Mr. Nguyen Tho Tuyen, CENLand's General Director, CEN Group said that the technology platform developed by CENLand is integrated with AI, Big data technology, in fact. virtual (VR), online apartment check, online transactions. In addition to the features of searching, updating market prices, online transactions, with, users can experience the apartment space very close to reality.

A huge problem with real estate investors today is that after investing in products from the primary market, they will have difficulty connecting the market to secondary sales. With high interaction and an "online market" ecosystem being completed, will easily solve this problem.
“Currently, revenue from is not large and for the immediate future, CENLand does not put this issue too seriously. But I believe that is the development trend of the future and will become the main source of income for CENLand ”, Mr. Tuyen said.

In 2017, Phu Dong Group Real Estate Joint Stock Company applied technology in the sales stage when launching the Phu Dong Premier Project in Binh Duong. Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc, General Director of the Company, said that after 3 months of calculating, the Company has come up with technology options for sales such as 360-degree 3D view technology so that customers can view 3D model houses through applications on phones, applying smart apartment management technology ...

“Technology has made it convenient for customers to see the model apartment, attracting home buyers to the project. As a result, after only 2 months, we sold more than 600 apartments in Phu Dong Premier, while normally it takes up to 4 months” Mr. Phuc said.
As a real estate brokerage company, MGI has no organic salespeople, but a built-in online sales software. Accordingly, when they get the shopping cart, they put it into their online sales app, which brings together nearly 2,000 freelance salespeople, who will take the goods and sell them for a commission. Thus, despite a large amount of goods, but MGI can sell out in a very short time, without paying monthly salaries for sales staff, nor having to rent large premises.

Meanwhile, Venus Corp Operation Management Company chose to bring technology into operation management for real estate investors when these projects started to be implemented. Projects in Ho Chi Minh City using Venus Corp's technology are Petroland building in District 7, Ruby Celadon City apartment building in Tan Phu district, IDICO apartment building in Tan Phu district, Binh Quoi I apartment building, II. ..

Ms. Vu Ngoc Huong, General Director of the Company, said that the management and operation of real estate projects have been undertaken by humans. Therefore, this business decided to research and write operating management apps for residents, management, management and app for investors.
The technology gradually dominates the market

Mr. Nguyen Nam Hien, Deputy General Director of Hung Thinh Corp Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company, said that since 2018, technology has gradually been put into real estate projects. “Hung Thinh Corp is applying technology in sales, operation management, customer care. In the coming time, the Company will increase technology application, because this is the policy that the Board of Directors makes in the long-term development strategy of the Company, ”Mr. Hien said.

Many other real estate businesses such as NovaLand, HimLamLand, Dai Phuc Group, Phuc Khang, DRH ... also announced that they are writing technology software to apply to the projects they develop in the coming time.

Representing BKAV, a leading enterprise in developing technology to sell houses to investors, said most investors are aiming to bring technology into the project and sell. They offer many ideas for technology businesses to develop, but these ideas are not feasible and expensive, can increase the price of houses.

According to Mr. Ngo Quang Phuc, technology has not promoted many uses and met investor expectations, because customers are not accustomed to receiving, the price is not suitable. Therefore, it will take a few more years for the technology to be applied to real estate projects.

“The construction of a 3D model house will gradually replace the need to spend billions on model houses. However, even though customers have seen 3D model houses, they still have the habit of having to see with their own eyes, touch the hands of the model houses and then decide to get down the money, ”Mr. Phuc said.

Like Mr. Hien, Mr. Phuc believes that technology will continue to be included in real estate projects and contribute to reducing incidents of fire, insecurity for residents, mediating many emerging disputes. in modern apartments.