30/09/2019 00:09|INDUSTRY NEWS

Baodautu - Venus Corp. CEO-Mrs Vu Ngoc Huong shared her story and gave advice for startup businesses. 

The businesswoman recalled: Her background was an educationalist and had little experience in business area. Thus, her start-up decision in 2007 had undergone inevitable challenges. However, it is a catalyst for her today succeed. 

The turning point was 2011, Venus Home Care, an enterprise that focused on providing family care and food supplies services, was established.


Mrs. Vu Ngoc Huong

With the support from the companions, Mrs Vu Ngoc Huong toiled into her work and promptly become successful. We can say that her success is faster than her expectation.

After 9 months, there are judgements about her appearance “How could a successful entrepreneur look so disheveled?”. The gossip became widespread, she started to... startled. 

After thinking thoughtfully all the outcomes, the Venus Corp. CEO realised that business was a long-term game with plenty of temptations. “Success” was the most obvious trap. When there were good outcomes, we started to have over-ambitious. “The more over-ambitious we are, the more we lose focus on what is important… Therefore, the biggest trap is our own confidence.” Huong said.  This trap came from ourselves. Thus, startup entrepreneurs who lack of experience will easily fall in and face unpredictable consequences.

In front of hundreds of startup representatives, who join the program: “CEO - THE KEY TO BE SUCCESS FORUM 2019” and with the topic: “From startup to enduring success”, Venus Corp. CEO stated that: ”When you decide to startup, it is important to have good ideas and utilize them when the time comes.”.

Her ideas were highly evaluated. However, when she found out that it was not a suitable time, Huong still decided to stop. 

“Stop, but it just a temporary one. And I still remember it as similar as my...ex-lover. After 5 years, there were companions and I realise that this is a good time, so I decided to go on.” Huong recalled.  

From the story, Venus Corp. CEO had given advice: Startup entrepreneurs should always keep their businesses in developing condition, even the businesses are gaining good outcomes. Besides, believing in your ideas will be success is necessary.  

The business woman Vu Ngoc Huong is the Chairman of the Board and also the CEO of Venus Corporation. The Company is focusing on these following categories: 

- Venus Consultant Management: Conduct and consult hospitals or businesses that pursue JCI, TQM standards (American standards).

- Venus Property Management: Invest and manage Real Estate.

- Venus Homecare: Provide family care services and food supplies. 

VenusCorp. will provide the finest services, which were evaluated by international standards, for our consumers. Therefore, our goal is to become the top enterprise in the area with a high quality product and service.