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Journey to find a consensus voice:



As the most vibrant market in the country with tens of thousands of apartments sold each year, Ho Chi Minh City also leads to a series of complex issues, leading to many disputes between investors and residents. At the same time, it leads to many paradoxes and opportunities for managing the operation of multi-ownership real estate.

There are still many inadequacies

By the end of 2018, the whole country had about 4,400 apartments and hundreds of urban and low-rise housing projects. In particular, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi account for more than 50% of condominiums with millions of people living. According to statistics from the HCMC Real Estate Association (HoREA), in 2018, about 1/10 condominiums in Ho Chi Minh City had disputes, 34 apartments were disputed to the extent that the Department of Construction Ho Chi Minh City must consider and solve.

Most of these disputes are due to the fact that the benefits have not been reconciled, so that the parties concerned have not found a common voice. The gaps in the legal framework, the shortcomings in the operation of the management unit, the superficiality of the responsibilities of the management board and the negative attitude of the residents lead to increased conflict, causing HCMC face many difficulties in handling disputes and complaints. In order to help stakeholders have a view and appreciate the role of the operational management unit, Venus Investment and Services Joint Stock Company (Venus Corp) in collaboration with the Investment Newspaper organized the meeting. seminar: "Multi-ownership real estate operation: seeking a consensus voice". At the seminar, many experts and businesses pointed out the status of real estate operation management; disputes are quietly taking place in apartment buildings as well as immediate remedies.

Talk "Multi-ownership Real Estate Operations: seeking a consensus voice"

Discussing this issue, Mr. Ha Quang Hung - Deputy Director of the Housing and Real Estate Market Management Department shared, “The cause of the first apartment dispute is that the legal provisions on this issue are incomplete. Terms and conditions are not clear ... Besides, some investors do not have sufficient financial capacity, homebuyers do not carefully review the contract while the investor often makes favorable terms for themselves, thereby causing pressing, litigation litigation lasts ".

According to many other experts, in order to limit the current shortcomings, the need to do is to train a well-trained team, have clear standards of service quality, complete the legal corridor, promote communication. information and legal support for residents, legalizing operations and management issues in multi-ownership real estate projects.

Towards a humanitarian brand with standard services for the community

In 2005, the phrase "operational management" first appeared in the Housing Law, then, Decision 08 of the Ministry of Construction was issued, which was supposed to be the legal basis for management activities. real estate today. The purpose of operation management is to ensure the quality of the building's services from structure, architecture to utilities such as cleaning, greenery, and other value-added services to create environmental standard living schools, ensure property safety and safety for residents.

Seeing the development potential of the industry before the country's speed of urbanization, Ms. Vu Ngoc Huong - with more than 15 years of experience in real estate management and real estate legislation - decided to become set up Venus Investment and Services Joint Stock Company (Venus Corp). With the mission of "providing utility services with the best quality for residents, meeting the needs to bring satisfaction and trust of partners", right from the first days of establishment, General Director Director of Venus Corp has oriented to develop the company into a humanitarian brand,

Facing the escalating situation of multi-ownership real estate disputes, General Director of Venus Company shared, “The cause of the disputes in multi-ownership real estate is due to the fact that the parties do not really understand. enough and properly understand the nature of the incident, not enough information about the law, and related parties. When and only when the parties have a consensus, have a common voice, have the same viewpoint of dealing with contradictions, the operation of management will reach the highest value, creating for environmental residents. civilized, safe, modern, and upholding real estate over time.

Ms. Vu Ngoc Huong - General Director of Venus Corp spoke

at the seminar "Multi-ownership real estate operation: seeking a consensus voice"

Being aware of the direct effects of operation management on the living environment of the resident community, Venus Corp always focuses on human resource investment, improvement and quality improvement of staff through activities. activities, specific training programs for staff. With a management team with more than 20 years of experience and more than 400 local and foreign experts and collaborators, Venus Corp has successfully managed and operated many projects from complex buildings to commercial centers, offices and apartments.

In addition, the security of assets and life of residents / customers is also always a top priority. Here, the working process of security, reception, hygiene, technical activities ... is always checked and supervised to provide residents / customers with the best utility services. Committed to providing professional real estate services, Venus Corp believes that real estate has the power to change the community.


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