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These days, Thu Thiem urban area (KĐT) is like a great construction site with hundreds of machines of all kinds day and night drilling, ironing, digging, scooping. Many roads and neighborhoods have been formed and clear, creating a new life on the land not long ago as swamps, deserted areas and ragged streets.

Infrastructure breakthrough

Thu Thiem is just a few hundred meters from the center of District 1, the width of the Saigon River. Everyday people on the banks of the river want to go back, they must follow the ferry or go around the Saigon Bridge, it takes a lot of time. Therefore, for Thu Thiem to develop, it is necessary to connect 2 river banks with traffic works. Thu Thiem 1 Bridge was built, followed by the tunnel crossing the modern Saigon River, the longest in Southeast Asia. These are 2 historical transport works for Thu Thiem and the East of Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, the commute from District 1 to Thu Thiem only takes a few minutes, instead of 15-20 minutes as before.

After these two key projects, the city continues to call for investment in a series of other transport works to create a breakthrough platform for Thu Thiem area. These are the four main roads in Thu Thiem New Urban Area and Thu Thiem Bridge 2. After completing the four main roads together with Thu Thiem 1 Bridge, East-West Boulevard (the section running through Thu Thiem includes a tunnel crossing the Saigon River and Dai River). Mai Chi Tho road) and bridges Thu Thiem 2, 3, 4 will form a complete traffic system for the new Thu Thiem New Urban Area. At the same time, linking traffic with existing city centers and neighboring provinces, contributing to solving traffic congestion in the eastern gateway of the city. Total investment of 4 main roads is over 12,182 billion Dong, expected to be completed by the end of this year.

According to the investor of the project, 4 main roads in Thu Thiem new urban area include: Boulevard Boulevard (R1), the road around the central lake (R2), the road along the Saigon River (R3) and the delta road, there are The total length is 11.9km, with 8 bridges across canals, 2 viaducts and 2 embankments. A special feature of these four main roads is the synchronous and underground technical infrastructure system such as rainwater drainage system, waste water system, telecommunication system, 110kV and 220kV electricity system, supply system. Water is walked in the technical trench ...

Another important project is the North-South trunk road project located in Thu Thiem New Urban Area from the foot of Thu Thiem Bridge 1 to Mai Chi Tho Boulevard. Ms. Nguyen Thi Huu Hoa, Director of Thu Thiem New Urban Area Management Board of Construction Investment, said that according to the approved detailed plan of 1 / 2,000 scale, the northern residential area includes functional areas No. 3 and 4. has an area of ​​89.35ha with the main function of mixed housing, multi-functional commercial, and a number of public works such as schools, museums, community centers ... In the North, the investor will build a North-South axis from the foot of Thu Thiem 1 Bridge to Mai Chi Tho Street with a length of over 1km; constructing internal roads within functional areas No.3 and No 4 which are longer than 8.3 km; drainage system, water supply, lighting system ... The total investment for the technical infrastructure of the Northern residential area and the North - South trunk road in Thu Thiem New Urban Area is 3,345 billion VND.

Great construction site

One of the earliest completed works in Thu Thiem is the resettlement area of ​​Binh Khanh ward with dozens of apartment blocks, markets and schools of all levels that have been in operation for the past few years. People in these apartment complexes are long-term residents in Thu Thiem who have given up land for the government to build a new urban area, which is also the first residents of the new urban area. Other projects have also been demarcated in the field. Including building exhibition center planning with a total investment of over 700 billion. Currently, the project has completed about 70% of the construction of the raw part, expected to be completed by the end of this year, with 1 basement and 5 floating floors. At the construction site, the shape of the building gradually reveals through the steel bars (the main structure of the building). This will be a green building, environmentally friendly, adapting to climate change. Content on display inside this building is being prepared, expected to be completed in mid-2017. Next to it is Thu Thiem Central Square with 86-storey observation tower. This is the tallest building in Thu Thiem, also the tallest in Vietnam up to this point and is the symbol of Thu Thiem. This tower will be a counterweight to the 68-storey Bitexco tower in the center of the existing city, across the Saigon River.

A building in the new urban area Thu Thiem. Photo: CAO THANG

In addition, Thu Thiem also has other large-scale projects such as Song Viet complex, located in functional area No. 1, with an investment of over VND 7,000 billion invested by Quoc Loc Phat JSC, expected to start. this year. As planned, this amusement park will be opposite to Bach Dang Park in the existing city center. Particularly, the project of KĐT Sala is invested by Dai Quang Minh Joint Stock Company. This project is nearly 260ha wide with many items such as eco-forestry park, park, office building, high-class residential area ... Located at the gate of Thu Thiem tunnel in District 2, this project has a large area of ​​land. at this new urban area.

A series of other terrible projects have been implemented, creating a new face for this land. De Vuong City Co., Ltd. is implementing the project of an observation tower complex (11.15ha), which has been cleared and is leveling. GS Company is implementing the project of complex of commercial center - finance and apartment (4.8ha); Vingroup is studying a project of a sports - entertainment complex (13.5ha) ... Last June, a joint venture between Tien Phuoc Joint Stock Company, Tran Thai Co., Ltd and Denver Power Co. Ltd. (UK) - a member company of GAW Capital Partners Investment Fund, approved investment license of 1.2 billion USD to develop Empire City Complex. Accordingly, on the 15ha land area will include 86-storey building, 5-star hotel, commercial center and office building. In 2014, Lotte Group of Korea and its Japanese partner (Mitsubishi and Toshiba) were approved to invest with a total capital of 2 billion USD for the Eco Smart City project, which is expected to include luxury commercial area, Hotels, offices and apartments on 10ha of land.

We try to focus on basically completing the main infrastructure of Thu Thiem in 2017-2018, and completing the telecommunication system, electricity, water ... With the current progress, we have high expectations on Thu Thiem's ​​development in the coming years. After 2020, Thu Thiem will be a new and modern financial center of Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country. (Mr. Nguyen The Minh, Deputy Head of Thu Thiem New Urban Area Management Board).