03/02/2019 00:02|VENUS NEWS

Vnexpress - Facing with the oppression of foreign corporations in property management, Venus Corp. focused on producing the finest service to create reputation and consumer’s trust. 

According to Mrs Vu Ngoc Huong - the CEO of Venus Corp., the major market shares of property management were mainly located in foreign enterprises. Therefore, domestic corporations would encounter challenges to regain their advantages.

Huong stated that there were 2 main reasons why Vietnamese property management market shares located majorly in foreign competitors. The first reason was the bias of  Vietnamese corporation towards foreign ip. Second was the foreign enterprises were consisting of well-trained staff and updated and modern conducting method.

Mrs. Vu Ngoc Huong - Venus Corp. CEO

However, "Despite the fact that foreign corporations are dominating the market, Vietnamese companies can regain their positions if they have an efficient strategy." Huong emphasized.

With the goal of optimizing the value of real estate, saving the costs and satisfying the customers in mind, Huong planned to complete the service value chain of Venus Corp. Everything was to synchronize all the services including cleaning, car keeping, system operating,  water supplying, elevator system...  

To actualize this purpose, Huong focused on training her staff, applied new technologies and new procedures. She also built a consultant crew whose were coming from many universities and academics that specialize in economics, management, law and having experience in consulting, operating and managing luxury building.

Besides, Huong also found some brand specialists in the program “CEO - The key to success” of VTV1 with the topic “Enterprise strategic - find your position” to be consulted. In this place, the strategic media specialist and Hoang Hai Au brand - The Ceo of HoanggiamediaGroup, Mr. Vu Minh Tri - Vietnam Microsoft CEO had consulted solutions to rebuild the brand to regain their position in their Business field.  

When talking about Venus, I desired that the clients would not only think about the professionalism, but also the thoroughness and understanding. These were the unique values that support our company to compete and regain its position." Huong shared.

Mrs. Vu Ngoc Huong was being consulted by the 2 specialists from the program "CEO-the key to success".

After a long period of focusing on constructing the enterprise foundation including service quality, HR, business procedure system, reputation..., Venus Corp. gradually determined itself in the market industry.

In 2016, Venus has already conducted over 20 projects that include office buildings, apartments and residents areas… The company also provided the full management package for many real estate projects such as Saigon Lilama SHB Town, IDICO Tan Phu, Luxury building Amber Court, VRG building, The People Committee District 3.

“Until now, I was confident enough to introduce Venus to many of my clients or collaborators. I would use Venus to regain my home’s advantage” Huong claimed 

Over 12 years of experience in providing property management service, Venus Corp., had owned many professional managers with over 20 years experience and over 400 international and domestic specialists.  

The core services of the company including: managing, consulting, investing and exploiting real estate. Professional procedures, understand the client are the company’s strengths and core values.