23/08/2019 00:08|INDUSTRY NEWS

ĐTCK - One of the important tasks of the management board is to manage and use properly and effectively the maintenance fund. With large apartments, maintenance fund can be up to several dozen, even hundreds of billion.

Sharing on the sidelines of the recent apartment management and operation seminar organized by the Vietnam Investment Review, Ms. Vu Ngoc Huong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of Venus Investment and Services Joint Stock Company (Venus ) tells the story that it seems that there are people who "work" for professional apartment management.

In some of the apartment buildings that Venus won the bid, the people appeared on the management board, even though they did not own the apartment in that apartment.

This story is actually not uncommon according to Article 19, Circular 02/2016/TT-BXD, then the members of the Management Board must be the owner of the apartment building.
Nominally, and if it operates in a truly transparent manner, for the community, including its own family, the board of directors is a "right to straw", the work is quite hard and sensitive, while benefits are only a negligible allowance.

However, if you want to die for self-interest, apartment management has many "conditions". From being able to request a commission to choose one service management unit other than another, to collusion to raise the price of regular service, maintenance, repair of items and beams. unlucky maintenance fund ..., to "small things" as can enjoy the interest rate difference for the small maintenance fee deposited with the bank.

In fact, in many apartments, there are ineffective management boards, or even the cause of conflicts in the building. The case of The Van Phu Victoria Apartment Building (Ha Dong, Hanoi) and N3B Apartment Building (Thanh Xuan, Hanoi ... are specific examples, when people have to fight against their own management. trusted to vote.

Talking to the writer, Mr. Nguyen Duy Thanh, Chairman of the Global Home Management Joint Stock Company (Global Home - Ho Chi Minh City) said that there are many cases where bad people have stepped in. Success, become a member of the board of management to profit. Even, according to Mr. Thanh, people in the profession also simile, now has one more job as a board administrator.

One of the important tasks of the management board is to manage and use properly and effectively the maintenance fund. With large apartments, maintenance fund can be up to several dozen, even hundreds of billion. Therefore, this "egg basket" is only really safe if residents choose for themselves a good management board, talented and dedicated to send.

Therefore, the Ministry of Construction has just consulted the draft Circular "Promulgating regulations on management and use of apartment buildings" which attracts the attention of many market members.

An important content of the draft circular, in fact, is the draft amendment and supplement of Circular 02 / 2016TT-BTC, which is of great interest to the people, which is the election of the management board of the apartment building.

However, according to Article 19 of this draft, to encourage people with experience and knowledge in the fields of architecture, construction, electricity, electronics, fire protection, finance and law to join the committee. apartment management, individuals who are not owners, if authorized by the owner of the apartment or other area to attend the apartment building meeting, they may be elected as members of the management board apartment.

This is really a problem that worries many people.

Recently, there have been many readers sent to Real Estate Investment Newspaper to give opinions and views on this issue. In particular, in general, the comments are that such regulations are easy to get bad people into the management board, which is a loophole so that some non-owner opportunity members can join the committee. to pursue personal interests.

The old people have the saying: "Grasp the one with hair, but the one with the bald head". Including board members, owners of apartments in the project - as "collateral", the value of the apartment is only a small part of the total amount of maintenance funds, while, with the members who are not the owners of the apartment can be considered "collateral" is 0, so what do you do? Surprisingly, the management members hugged the money away (of course this possibility is unlikely), so the residents know who to call?

Thinking, this is also a point for the drafting committee of the new circular to minimize the source of conflicts, as well as the risk of the later operation in the apartments.